Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HIMYM: Fairytales and Reality

 "If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing: Timing, but timing's a bitch." - Robin Scherbatsky

Earlier this Week, The Series Finale of How I Met Your Mother left some of their Fan Base Reeling.  Where was the Fairytale Ending, they asked?  How Could the Mother Die, some moaned?  Ted remains hung up on Robin, others cried?  Here's my answer to the Hurt, Confused, and Angry Fans: HIMYM is not nor was it ever Friends.  In other words, this Series was never about Fairytales in the ways that Friends really was.  Throughout the Show, we watched the Cast fall in love, break-up, and move on from Each Other and Guest Stars.  The Stable Factor in their Relations was Instability.  In fact, Lilly and Marshall's is the only Stable Relationship in the Series, and even They Break Up, though not for long.  In contrast, Robin, Ted, and Barney bounce from Relationship to Relationship trying to Find Something that Works.  And at times they DO, but not everything lasts the way Lilly and Marshall's idealistic marriage does.  Lilly and Marshall are the Ideal, not often Reality and that's Point, HIMYM is about the realities of Single Adult Life.  Things Rarely Turn out as Neatly as Planned and, furthermore, most Relationships come down to one Simple Word: Timing.  Ted and Robins Timing was Off.  Ted and the Mothers was not.  Robin and Barney were on and off again, but not something that could last forever.  Robin, despite what the Fans wanted, could not CHANGE Barney.  Only Barney could change Barney.  And this is where some Fans become Upset.  Shouldn't Ted love the Mother more than Robin?  Shouldn't Robin and Barney have lasted?  Well, the latter didn't and who knows about the former? (That's for the viewers to decide.)  What we do know is that Ted never let go of Robin.  Now, is this a good choice or a bad one?  Again, you decide. 

In my opinion, as a character Ted is never upheld as the "healthy example" to follow.  Teds obsessiveness, idealism, and inability to let go costs Him time and again.  This not Friends.  There is No Ross and Rachel or Monica and Chandler.  Holding on too long has consequences..perhaps it cost Ted something with the Mother (he waits six years to marry her).  We don't know.  But what do know is that there are some lesson to be learned from the Series.  1.) Timing matters.  Now, you think I'm referring to something I vowed never to bring up again, don't you?  Well, you're wrong.  You know why?  See Lesson Two.  2.) We Ask Forgiveness.  Throughout their Nine Season Run, we saw Ted, Lilly, Marshall, and Robin break each other's hearts, not just as lovers, but as friends.  Why doesn't the group break up completely?  They always make amends.  I'm sorry is ever present in the series.  People fuck up, but remorse goes a long to mending bridges.  That never happened for me.  I never got the "I'm sorry" that could have let me call Timing on the whole Situation.  Lastly, I think we Learn to Let Go.  People wanted a Storybook ending for Ted and the Mother, but Ted couldn't Let Go of Robin the way He needed maybe the lesson for us in real life is to Let Go of the Past, Accept the Writers Ending, and Remember that We Make or Break Our Own Fairytales.

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